Bring Emma to kindergarten: Requirements outline

This Entry is dedicated to my project Use Case “Bring Emma to kindergarten”, Please read the project page first to get the general idea.

Although we discuss only one use case, Terms & Conditions still apply. And, since we have a social kind of use case where all the “human stuff” is very important because the SuD itself runs on humans, their behaviors and issues. I was looking for a Template to structure requirements in a way that would allow to consider this human part of our use case.

Well, I took that easy path and adapted… Requirement Outline proposed by Alistair Cockburn who adapted it from the template that Suzanne Robertson and the Atlantic Systems Guild published on their Web site and in the book Managing Requirements (Robertson and Robertson, 1999).

Unfortunately, I haven’t thought of putting behind Topic numbers their names in the paper version of the Requirements Outline as we wrote it, since the template was in front of us and I kinda didn’t realize I have to show it people that might actually have no access to it. That’s why (and also because I wanted to have an English translation) I will write it (outline) down one more time and attach original version for those who love my handwriting.

Since this posting has already reached a critical mass, I will move English version of outline along with my analysis to the follow-up.

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