Dedication to general fuzz

The impact is so big I just had to write about it immediately. For a long long long time I am facing difficulties to find NEW music I really like.

There are some exceptions like for example. The issue here is that unfortunately they too have limited selection and after some time one know their repertoire and artists by heart. When it happens, an era of repetition and mixing begins until…

I was watching some video on with a background music that absolutely stunned me. Thanks to lord, some dude wrote it’s title and I went searching for it… boy I was surprised when I landed in internet site of original author of the song I heard… he offers ALL of his music FREE OF CHARGE to download directly from his site!!! That’s right, check out:

By the virtue of luck I browsed to the bio and blog of the general fuzz and besides his brilliant music I got an answer to why I have those difficulties finding music I like…

“Unsatisfied with the popular consensus that electronic music = techno…”

This and other thoughts of the general brought me better understanding of myself. Realizing that the most important thing in the music I listen is the music itself! It has to be rich with rhythm, sources, harmony and variation and it has to be about music.

I realized that I like instrumental music because voice overruns music with additional and different layer that has to be interpreted – the lyrics. Techno lacks variation, jazz – sources, modern jazz – oh so often groove or even rhythm. Acid jazz comes very close to what I really like, but when I listen to acid jazz I miss downtempo. Drum ‘n’ Bass although offers super rhythm, often lacks variation or groove… well I could go on and on with the list of “likes and dislikes” but the point is – music of general fuzz and his mindset matches to that of mine. When I listen to it sometimes I get the feeling that I have heard it already… in my dreams