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  • Mežs, mežinš or nature preservation latvian-style

    Sometimes I just cannot believe what a corrupt and sometimes plain pathetic people are responsible for managing my country. Well in theory I knew that all the time but now I have the honor to feel it on my own skin. This is the story I want to tell everyone and encourage everyone to re-tell…

  • Dedication to general fuzz

    The impact is so big I just had to write about it immediately. For a long long long time I am facing difficulties to find NEW music I really like. There are some exceptions like for example. The issue here is that unfortunately they too have limited selection and after some time one know…

  • Femme fatale

    Originally, I wanted to write new post every two to three days. But something messed up my plan… it happened yesterday, November 4th 2008 at 03:45. Her name is Lina, she weighs 3550g and is one of the three hottest women of my life. Check out her pics:

  • Why blog?

    From time to time the urge to convey something overtakes the overall inertia and lack of motivation to produce a post that actually adds some value 🙂