Building Applications with Deep Learning: Expectations vs. Reality

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Nowadays, building applications involves many technologies. There are technologies to render user interfaces, to retrieve and store data, to serve many users, to distribute computing, etc. Increasingly, certain requirements imply the usage of neural networks. So what is the reality of building enterprise applications with the available state-of-the-art neural network technology?

maven-ear-plugin and application.xml

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If you are building a modern JavaEE 6 application you might need to package it in EAR. Supposingly, specification says if your EAR contains META-INF/application.xml file, you must provide configuration of modules so that the application server knows what to load. Now, specification also supposingly says that, if you want your application server to AUTO […]

JMX and JPA with Hibernate

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Firstly, I cheated. Actually this post should be named “JMX and application-specific resources”. But, since I found this architectural property of JMX while attempting to use the JPA within JMX managed bean, the title is what it is. Secondly, this post is neither on what JMX is nor what JPA is. If you are unfamiliar […]